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Wall Protection

No matter what type of wall protection you need, we install it. From rigid sheet vinyl, handrails and corner guards we can protect your space whether it be a medical facility, loading dock or high traffic area.. You can choose from a variety of vendors including Koroguard, IPC (InPro Corporation) and Acrovyn.

wall protection



Korogard® Wall Protection Systems offers the most complete and effective system of wall, door, and door frame protection available today.
* Designed for use in assisted living, athletics, corporate, education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and transit setting interiors,
* Engineered to provide exceptional life-cycle value. Save the time and money in the long run due to reduced maintenance and replacement costs.
* Service oriented with more than 120 trained field sales representatives, highly skilled assistance is a mere phone call away.
* A wide array of standard colors
* A "systems" approach. All Korogard products color-coordinate with each other.
* Even though you';ll never need it, we offer a limited five-year warranty.

Inpro Corporation - IPC

Because we believe that Door + Wall Protection means more than preventing maintenance, we give you options to meet your biggest building challenges. From material technology that’s good for the environment to products that don’t look like wall protection but still act like it, we do it all with the same durability you’ve come know us for over the years.


Over the years there has been much discussion regarding sustainable design. While considering this, designers and facility managers are charged with ensuring the sustainable products they choose are truly resilient as well. Resilient designs should incorporate sustainable products that will also endure damage caused by natural events, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, and everyday abuse in facilities like hospitals, nursing homes and schools.